The Skunk & Goat Tavern –About Us

First, let’s start off with where our name came from, which is quite a simple explanation. Our tavern is home to several taxidermy characters and our crowd favorites of the bunch were the skunk and goat. To pay homage to our fan’s most beloved mascots, we named the restaurant in their honor!

The Skunk & Goat Tavern offers a unique and funky take on the American tavern experience, with focus on craft brews, prohibition-era inspired cocktails and eclectic dishes. Smartly situated in the town square and flavored with a neighborhood vibe, it has become a gathering spot for locals, as well as a destination dining experience for foodies, beverage enthusiasts and travelers, alike.

The Skunk & Goat Tavern’s approach is to provide a distinct twist on familiar ideas that enhance our guests’ experience!